Zucchini Protein Blender Waffles

I love when new recipes just come about. Don’t you? I whipped up these amazing waffles this morning and was praising the breakfast gods for being on my side. Not only did the ingredients mesh perfectly but they literally may be my new go to waffle recipe for the summer while I’m zucchin-ifying everything in my life. Ha! These gluten-free, protein packed waffles have just the right amount of sweetness and can actually even be eaten without syrup in my opinion. Although, I did serve mine with a touch of syrup and fresh wild blueberries. It was simply heaven! This recipe is pretty versatile, too, and would taste great with fruit, nuts or chocolate chips cooked right into the batter. I suggest making an extra big bath of these so you can enjoy a healthy and delicious breakfast all week long! Continue reading


Peanut Butter, Banana and Chocolate Chip Protein Waffles



God it was hot. I could feel the little beads of sweat forming on my forehead and ever so carefully dripping down the curves of my face. I wiped them away with the sleeve on my t-shirt and continued on. I noticed how my feet floated across the dirt path, I was really loving these new sneakers. I liked how well the tread seemed to grip the earth beneath me as my feet pounded along. Continue reading

Toasted Coconut Waffles

This recipe was almost too simple to post. I hesitated since most of the work is actually done for you…but I think we can all agree THAT’S NOT ALWAYS A BAD THING! I also like to give credit where credit is due and I must say if you haven’t jumped on the Julian Bakery bandwagon yet you are truly missing out. As someone who’s eating preferences include a lot of paleo recipes these products allow me to not feel like I’m missing out on the occasional waffle, pizza or just deliciousness of baked goods. Continue reading

Mini Paleo Blueberry and Lemon Waffle French Toast

That’s a mouthful…(pun intended)

Generally most mornings I enjoy a plateful of eggs, veggies some avocado and of course a massive cup of coffee. You know a nice healthy protein packed start to the day… Then again not everyday is one of THOSE days and I will find myself wishing I could just stuff my face with a freshly baked batch of my Sweet Potato Brownies or anything along those lines. My sweet tooth has quite the grasp at times and though I can stand strong and refrain from eating chocolate every morning, once in a while I like to meet that tug of war in the middle and whip up a batch of healthy waffles or pancakes. Continue reading