Grain-free Sweet Potato Waffles

I’ve started this new habit of choosing one thought or phrase, often called an “affirmation” (a.k.a positive self-talk), at the start of each week. I put this phrase in my phone, write it on my list of things to do for the week, anywhere I know I will come across it frequently as the week goes on. The phrase can be anything from “Don’t sweat the small stuff” to, this week’s, “I am fearless”. It can be anything I am feeling in that moment that may need a bit of extra special attention. I notice that by physically putting the phrase in places I will see rather than just trying to remember to tell myself often adds a sort of emphasis. Typically, my mind is going in several different directions at once and while constantly trying to juggle the things in front of me usually means there isn’t any extra room for little reminders like, “Believe in yourself a little more”. Continue reading