Chicken Apple Cheddar Salad with Toasted Quinoa & Maple Balsamic Vinaigrette

You know what’s better than a healthy meal? One that’s just as beautiful as it tastes! I mean seriously look at this bowl of goodness! It’s the perfect transition from summer to fall by incorporating garden fresh greens, juicy tomatoes and flavors like tart apple and sweet maple. It’s so simple to toss together (pun intended) you’ll be making it all day, everyday! By topping it with toasted quinoa you can keep it nut-free without sacrificing a little added crunch and protein. This salad not only captures the beginning of the new season but makes saying goodbye to summer worth every single delicious bite! Continue reading


Quinoa Pancakes

I can’t quite believe that this month marks The Happy Hungry Yogi’s two year anniversary. Words can’t describe how grateful I am to be able to do something that not only inspires others but has in turn helped me to become who I am in this very moment.  Continue reading

Pineapple Cashew Quinoa 


Even though I’m certainly no vegan by any means I do try and incorporate vegan/vegetarian dishes into my weekly meal planning. However, as I am active and workout almost daily I function at my best when I’m getting an adequate amount of protein, healthy fats and carbs. Sometimes I find that when removing meat from a meal I feel stumped as to how to incorporate sufficient protein. My go to for most dishes is quinoa. It’s like a little grain of mega powers since it’s packed with all your necessary amino acids making it a complete protein by itself. In addition it has plenty of healthy carbs, is low in fat and has and tons of vitamins and minerals which makes it a well rounded superfood you just can’t not love. Mixing quinoa with flavors that are sweet, salty and tangy make this meal a must for any palette. If you choose not to go the vegan route you can easily incorporate other protein like shrimp or chicken. I enjoy serving this dish in the pineapple shell as not only does it impress any dinner guest but the juice from the fruit left behind brings out the flavors in the dish like no other. This refreshing summer meal would even make a great accompaniment at your next BBQ!  Continue reading