Peach Pie Energy Bites

I find I’m constantly in search of a quick snack throughout the day. Lately I’m basically hungry 24/7 since for those of you who don’t yet know we are expecting a little Happy Hungry Yogi come September! (Yay!) We are beyond excited and have also been quite busy so I apologize for my minimal posting over the past few months…  Continue reading

Lemony Kale Salad with Chicken and Avocado

I’ve noticed over the past month or so the struggle I’ve been having to write my blog posts. I would find myself digging down deep for inspiration, something, anything to help the words flow…but would come up with nothing. When I first noticed the change I started to panic thinking that this was it, I’m done. My entire blog and what I strive to share, my passion for life, was gone. How would I continue if my waterfall of thoughts on love, life, happiness, sadness, bumps in the road, all of it, had run dry? My almost two year run of The Happy Hungry Yogi had come to it’s finale. And I had failed.

Or so I thought… Continue reading

Cacao Rice Crispy Treats


I stumbled across this poem the other day;


Do you remember the night the moon dropped from the sky?

And we ran through the forest to find where it lie,

I was tripping on tree roots and slipping on snow,

You were holding my hand saying not to let go,

When we found it at last there were twigs in our hair,

A rose on our cheeks and our breath in the air, 

And the words to describe it got caught in our throats,

And its silver light danced through the threads on our coats,

We knew that our eyes had not seen such a view,

You were looking at it,

I was looking at you.

-E.H. Continue reading

Greek Yogurt Banana Pops


“If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good. -Dr. Suess

Speaking of “fun” which uh kind of rhymes with “yum”. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this recipe. I was going to fill in this block of space with something inspirational of course but I just couldn’t seem to find the words aside from YUM and honestly copying and pasting the word “yum” hundreds of times in this entry still wouldn’t even do this recipe justice. Plus it would be a tad bit annoying. So, I threw in some Dr. Suess for good measure… Continue reading