Brown Sugar Oatmeal Breakfast Muffins

I’d like to say that I created these muffins entirely on purpose but that certainly wasn’t the case. I had this immense craving one day for a  crumbly blueberry muffin and so I decided to whip some up for the busy week ahead. Continue reading


Lemony Kale Salad with Chicken and Avocado

I’ve noticed over the past month or so the struggle I’ve been having to write my blog posts. I would find myself digging down deep for inspiration, something, anything to help the words flow…but would come up with nothing. When I first noticed the change I started to panic thinking that this was it, I’m done. My entire blog and what I strive to share, my passion for life, was gone. How would I continue if my waterfall of thoughts on love, life, happiness, sadness, bumps in the road, all of it, had run dry? My almost two year run of The Happy Hungry Yogi had come to it’s finale. And I had failed.

Or so I thought… Continue reading

Strawberry Protein Pop Tarts


“Love is nothing without action, trust is nothing without proof, regret is nothing without change.”

Trust. Oh what a big, scary word. A loaded gun of sorts. I think we can all agree to disagree that trust can be a slippery slope. It can be very easy to trust someone provided we are shown we have the ability to but it is also just as easily ripped from beneath us. It only takes one tiny, even minuscule, moment to throw that trust right out of the window. Then getting it back, well that a whole different story. Continue reading

Pumpkin and Mushroom Risotto

It was once said that, “One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love” (Sophocles). There is no other emotion that can bring with it such happiness and equally as powerful sadness. Though, without this we really would never experience the wonderful joy of what it is to truly love, even if it may mean the chance of heartbreak. Without love we really aren’t truly experiencing life at its fullest. Continue reading