Sesame Sweet Potato Noodles

You know what tastes great? Oodles upon oodles of spiralized sweet potato covered in the yummiest and EASIEST sesame sauce. Yup, it’s a side dish I seriously can’t shovel into my mouth fast enough. Lucky for me (and you) having a humongous bowl of these noodles won’t leave you feeling stuffed and sluggish since they’re low carb and gluten-free! So go ahead and pull out that spiralizer (if you don’t have one I recommend this) and twirl your way to this quick, healthy and tasty dish! Continue reading


Maple Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Chestnutsย 

As it’s my birthday month (yes I am one of THOSE people) I choose to celebrate with food, surprise, surprise I know. I mean what better way to celebrate another year of growth, another year of happenings, changes, challenges, reflection, the unknown, everything? I really don’t think there’s a more appropriate way then spending time with those whom are most important to me while simultaneously shoving delicious food into my face. Continue reading


Not everyday is meant to be perfect. Every now and then comes a dayย when I feel like I just want to bury my head in my pillow and disappear. Being strong day after day for yourself is an amazing achievement and having the strength to hold yourself up when the going gets tough isn’t always easy. Sometimes, though, even holding yourself up gets really, really exhausting. Continue reading

Coconut Mango “Fried Rice”

Well so technically this isn’t fried nor is it actual rice so some of you may consider this false advertising. However I can assure you I would not deceive you. I aim to please and keep you all happy and healthy so rather than go off and stuff your faces with real fried rice stuff it with this guilt free (and insanely delicious) version instead! Plus who doesn’t enjoy the flavors of coconut and mango?! Uh, yum! Continue reading