Brown Sugar Oatmeal Breakfast Muffins

I’d like to say that I created these muffins entirely on purpose but that certainly wasn’t the case. I had this immense craving one day for a  crumbly blueberry muffin and so I decided to whip some up for the busy week ahead. Continue reading

Turmeric Blueberry Muffins


Though I wouldn’t call myself a pro baker, per say, I do love to bake. I always have so much fun experimenting with recipes especially when I get a sudden craving for a certain baked good. So what happens when I may not have all of the required ingredients on hand? You’d probably think it means so long to the baking, am I right? Well, think again! Instead of nixing the idea I customize the recipe to make it work with the ingredients I have available. Sometimes, this method equals disaster…but sometimes even I amaze myself and create an amazing and delectable treat.  Continue reading

Mexican Hot Chocolate Muffins

Sometimes I hashtag #trusttheprocess. Okay that’s a lie, in reality I think it amounts to more than “sometimes”. Yet, I do sometimes wonder if I really actually follow through with that, you know, trusting the process…  Continue reading

Pumpkin Pie Tarts

There’s a lot to be said about change. Change occurs daily from the most minuscule moment to some major turn of event. Either way it results in one thing…growth. No matter what change occurs, whether it’s positive or negative we take away something from it. We may learn a valuable lesson, become a better person (hopefully not a worse one) and maybe even be able to continue on to a new chapter in our book of life. Each day we experience change and are able to walk away a wiser person. Each and every time we are given the chance of changing our current path we get the chance to make a choice, either change or don’t. It may seem like a complicated decision in the moment because many of us are overwhelmed by the idea of something ‘new’. We get comfortable in our daily routines and we just can’t seem to break away from our norm. It becomes work to feel like you have to uproot yourself and be replanted in what may feel like a whole new world. In our mind it’s simply terrifying. So, as a result, we often choose the latter and continue on our regular path avoiding any splits in the road at all costs. Continue reading