Harvest Enchilada Spaghetti Squash Boats


I think one of my favorite things about cooking is to hear someone tell me how much they enjoyed it. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love eating it just as much as making it but when someone else gets as excited about it as me I feel like what I set out to do has been accomplished. I love that I can challenge myself in new ways by using new ingredients I’m unfamiliar with, experimenting with combinations I’ve never tried before or just by venturing outside of the box and creating a new dish that has only ever been successful in the imaginary kitchen inside of my head. The challenge to create a dish I can be proud to share with everyone is what fuels the passion for what I do. Continue reading

 Easy Peasy Paella

I started to watch a new Netflix series the other night called ‘Chef’s Table’. This particular episode featured world renowned Italian chef, Massimo Bottura. The episode interviewed him about his rise to becoming such an impactful part of the food world. When the show began I was initially intrigued by the masterfulness and thinking outside of the box that it took for Massimo to become the chef he now is. Though, as the episode continued it suddenly hit me in kind of the same way the almond butter I was simultaneously shoveling into my mouth by the spoonful did, I realized there was a deeper level to his story. Not only did his talent of creating exquisite dishes earn him his place in the food world but it was also his unquestionable courage that gave him the ability to take a risk.

A risk… Continue reading

Pumpkin Pie Tarts

There’s a lot to be said about change. Change occurs daily from the most minuscule moment to some major turn of event. Either way it results in one thing…growth. No matter what change occurs, whether it’s positive or negative we take away something from it. We may learn a valuable lesson, become a better person (hopefully not a worse one) and maybe even be able to continue on to a new chapter in our book of life. Each day we experience change and are able to walk away a wiser person. Each and every time we are given the chance of changing our current path we get the chance to make a choice, either change or don’t. It may seem like a complicated decision in the moment because many of us are overwhelmed by the idea of something ‘new’. We get comfortable in our daily routines and we just can’t seem to break away from our norm. It becomes work to feel like you have to uproot yourself and be replanted in what may feel like a whole new world. In our mind it’s simply terrifying. So, as a result, we often choose the latter and continue on our regular path avoiding any splits in the road at all costs. Continue reading

Blueberry Crumble Muffins


I had a dream the other night that I was lost in the woods. I was by myself, no cell phone, no backpack, nothing. I was alone and standing there, unsure of where to go. I vividly remember the area being so full of vegetation it made it almost impossible to see much beyond where I was standing. The air that swirled around me was cool and I could faintly feel a warmth on my shoulders from the sun’s rays. I suddenly realized that I was breathing heavy, as if I had been running and then suddenly come to a stop. Continue reading