Mashed Cauliflower with Parmesan

So there’s no better time do a little Spring cleaning than the middle of Winter, ya know what I mean?! No but seriously, I know it’s not even close to Spring but with the new year comes the perfect time to declutter and that’s just what I’m doing. I’ll be honest I lost sight a little with my blog toward the end of the year and felt sort of disappointed in myself for doing so. So rather than approach 2018 with lofty resolutions which I’ll most likely just not follow through with, just being honest here, I’ve decided to start by cleaning up the old and giving myself a fresh outlook for The Happy Hungry Yogi in the year to come. Continue reading


Slow Cooker Potato Stew


As vacation approaches in just over a month, I’m reminded of the fact that I’ll be sporting a lot less clothing than I’m currently in. Aka, I’ll be trading my puffy down jacket, boots and hat for bathing suits, dresses and shorts…oh my! So, you can imagine staying on track is key right now. Not only for my well-being but also for my waistline. However, as I’m not yet soaking in the rays by the beach I am still craving warm, comforting foods. A useful gadget in my kitchen for the job is my slow cooker. This little contraption makes my life a heck of a lot easier by cutting out my time spent in the kitchen as well as making meal prepping a cinch! Continue reading

Roasted Almond Butter

And just like that 2018 is in full swing and I’m over here trying to get back on track…it’s a daily struggle! If you follow my blog you know my thing is convenience. I’m always in search of keeping it simple so I make smart choices and don’t just go for the easy. Being a mom I don’t have a ton of time anymore to spend in the kitchen, and truthfully I don’t really want to, so whatever is accessible is what I’ll choose and thus my goal is make the easy choices also the healthy ones. Continue reading

Peppermint Chocolate Bark

Since I’be been running around frantically (as we all probably are) I had minimal time to write this entry, however I am pretty proud of my myself for getting up this last minute post before Christmas anyway. Nothing like squeezing in one more thing! Ha! I mean, I just couldn’t leave you all without an extra special treat…think of it as my gift to you (and like you’re even surprised it involves chocolate- layers upon layers!). Continue reading